I pulled up old facebook post, and suddenly smiling when I saw this. can’t believe how many things have changed in a year.
This is where everything started

J : Gelukkige verjaardag, Joyeux anniversaire Bon anniversaire Bonne fête, janmadina mubārak ho, ¡feliz cumpleaños!, happy birthday, met ultah….. 😀


J :ndesoooooo, itu ya met ultah dalam bahasa prancis, Spanish, russian, dutch, english and indonesia…..

N : dasar…mana ak tw…bhs jerman aj patah2….=(
thx, anyway atas usaha blajar bahasa banyak banget cmn bwt ucapin met ulg thun bwt ak…wkwkwkwkwk

J : yah paling ga supaya laen daripada yang laen gitu… haha

since then, life moves a lot faster then before, and a lot more beautiful indeed.

Jalu Andura on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 10:49am

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